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Physio for dancers

With any physical activity the importance of stretching cannot be over emphasised. We are particularly focused on dancers because in recent months, at Warwick Physio & Rehab, we have seen a number of young dancers presenting with conditions which we know could easily have been avoided by something as simple as s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g.

Spending a little time stretching correctly before and after dance lessons, sessions, performances etc is invaluable as part of a good warm-up and cool down routine. Before dance, a good warm-up followed by stretching will relax muscles, improve flexibility and help prevent injuries. After dance, when muscles are warmed up sufficiently, stretches can be taken further in depth, helping to improve flexibility by lengthening muscles and improving posture. Stretching is also really good for relaxing the body and mind because it serves as a good way to cool the body down generally - so a winner on all counts!

All our young dancers have done very well with treatment and have returned to normal activity but we believe prevention is always better than cure.