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Whiplash - breaking news!




Physiotherapy is successful in treating Whiplash, new research!


Whiplash is more prevalent than many people think, especially if you are a woman and of a certain age, just about to stop being  thirty something and have a very important birthday.


Physiotherapists in private practice surveyed 716 whiplash sufferers around the country in just two months.  The vast majority turned out to be ‘physically active’, with more rated as ‘very active’ than the national average.


This was perhaps reflected in the fact that not many of them took time off work during the course of their treatment, with most people being in full-time jobs and presumably keen on keeping it that way.


Most patients had no previous history of whiplash injuries before being referred to a Physiotherapist, usually within a matter of days of their injury being sustained.  More than half of the injuries were caused by rear impact, with side impact accounting for another 20 per cent.  A relative few, 13.5 per cent, were due to frontal impact.


Almost all patients reported the head and neck as the main site of their injury, with neck pain the predominant symptom.  The tissues damaged being evenly split between joints and muscles.


The Physiotherapists involved, reported in a third of cases that treatment included manual therapy and exercise,  training was used in another third, whilst education and advice along with electrotherapy treatments were also employed to a lesser extent.


Some patients only had one treatment session with two thirds having six or less, although some people needed considerably more.  There was a significant relationship between age and the number needed.


In 77% of cases, therapists recorded that goals had been ‘exceeded’ fully achieved or significantly achieved; and in another 15% goals were partially achieved.