Taping has been used by sport people and physiotherapists for many years. There have been many clinical studies to assess its effectiveness and how it works. To date there are many ways in which it may help but little true evidence to support its use fully.

The anecdotal evidence is high and many people will report less pain with certain taping techniques. It is also used a lot by sports people to prevent injury but we strongly believe in strengthening the body fully so it can support itself in the long term.

It is very useful for patients in acute pain as the support of the tape can provide immediate pain relief especially in the knee, foot and shoulder. It can also be used to re-educate better joint position or posture to allow a patient to perform their exercises more comfortably or effectively.

There are many tapes available and it is best to seek advice from a physiotherapist as some people can be allergic to certain types. If taping is helpful, many techniques can be taught to the patient or family member so that it can be used when required.