Exercise is a vital part of being healthy and an important technique used in physiotherapy. It can take the form of general exercise to increase cardiovascular health and ensure good blood and nutrient flow to soft tissues and bones. It is also used more specifically in physiotherapy to correct problems and injuries.

After a detailed examination we can assess areas of tight muscles, joints and connective tissue, areas of weakness or imbalance in groups of muscles or a lack of control or co ordination in joints, ligaments and muscles. These may be the contributing factor in the injury or have arisen as a result of an injury.

In all cases exercise forms a part of the rehabilitation. It helps ensure a good recovery and also prevents further pains and injury in the future.

Exercise may take the form of muscle stretching and strengthening, joint mobilisations, stability work, balance and proprioception among many other types.

We feel that all exercise programmes should be tailored precisely to each patient depending on your injury, lifestyle and aims for the future.